Party Drinks Logistics


To be the leading provider of outsourcing professional services to the general public challenging ourselves and striving for the highest standards.


ICE BOX NIGERIA ENTERPRISE is the foremost Party Drinks Logistics firm in Lagos. Established in 2010, we are essentially Events Drinks Managers and our job is to ensure that drinks are supplied at the right time, iced and served by our professional and highly skilled team.


We have worked assiduously at achieving our vision transforming the concept of taking stress off our numerous customers by offering our professional services. The company has within its one year of operation, been involved in diverse party drinks logistics in Lagos.

Furthermore, our business basically is making an event a stress free one for our clients and making sure everything that as to do with drinks goes well in an event. Our technical ability, exposure and wealth of experience all have been further emboldened by our desire to add value to you. 




We also supply drinks ranging from the best wines, champagne, brandy, spirit, and cognac to different clubs, hotels and bars within the vicinity of Lagos.


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